Ep. 7: Oleg Khalyavin, the Soviet Camera Doctor

If it’s a mechanical camera and it’s broken, Oleg can fix it! With the same spirit that sent Soviets into space, he repairs cameras of the era by understanding them from the inside out. Although he has many books, he doesn’t necessarily go by them if that would mean giving up due to lack of a specific part or tool. Oleg’s culture is one we aren’t often in touch with—it expresses its love and pride not through surface enthusiasm, but through deeply felt pauses and stories of a lifetime spent in fascination. *This episode is edited more than usual due to technical difficulties during recording.


You can contact Oleg about a repair or buy a perfectly serviced Soviet camera here: https://www.okvintagecamera.com

Your hosts:

Charys Schuler and Marwan El-Mozayen from Silvergrain Classics magazine (https://silvergrainclassics.com/en)

Erik Schlicksbier, photographer (https://www.schlicksbier.com) and host of the German language Studio Kreativkommune podcast (https://studio.kreativkommune.org/podcast).

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