Ep. 8: Kodak Super 8 — The Immortal Format

Super 8 has been declared dead time and again since its birth in the mid-60s. Despite all the obituaries, it has survived countless analog and digital video formats. Much more, it is the format for creative filmmakers worldwide.

Today we discuss with Holger C. Schwaerzel the Worldwide Product Manager / Super8 at Eastman Kodak Company about this wonderful almost immortal film format. Holger has been with Kodak since 1997, and after the company’s realignment, he was specifically entrusted with the mission of pushing analog motion picture film in Super8. Currently, no one should have more insight into the current worldwide status of this wonderful format than him. Looking forward to a really great talk with a real insider where the topic of Super8 as format is been discussed!


Kodak Motion Pictore: https://www.kodak.com/go/motion

Your hosts:

Charys Schuler and Marwan El-Mozayen from Silvergrain Classics magazine (Homepage | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter)

Erik Schlicksbier, photographer (Homepage | Instagram | Facebook | Mastodon) and host of the German language Studio Kreativkommune podcast (Homepage | Instagram | Facebook).

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